Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A nightly view from up at the Mountain Zoo over the City
**Please make sure to check out yesterdays posting! So important!**

Monday, March 10, 2008

Earth Hour 2008! Raise Awareness and be part!!

I think it's such a great event (and so important), so I'd like as many people as possible to know about Earth Hour 2008 and participate if possible. Check out the website, too. It's an amazing global statement humanity is making with that! I am thrilled!
While in the U.S. we "spring forward" one hour for Daylight Savings Time... three weeks from now, you can take another simple action: On March 29, 2008, we're asking you--and millions of others--to switch off the lights for one hour during Earth Hour.
  • What is Earth Hour?
Earth Hour is a global event created to symbolize that each of us, working together, can make a positive impact on climate change--no matter who we are or where we live. Starting at 8 pm local time on March 29, 2008, individuals, communities and businesses will "turn off the lights" in cities around the world for one hour. This simple act will not only heighten awareness of the impacts of climate change on our world, but also inspire individuals and businesses to take practical action to reduce their own carbon footprint.
  • Where will the lights go off?
Everyone around the world is encouraged to be involved and shut the lights off in their homes and businesses. Major participation is planned in 25 cities around the world, on six continents. Four Earth Hour flagship cities in the U.S.--Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco--are leading the way. Other participating U.S. cities include Denver, Miami and Charlotte.
*Even the San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge will be going dark for Earth Hour*
  • What can I do?
1. Participate in Earth Hour. Pledge to turn off your lights from 8 - 9 pm on Saturday, March 29, 2008. During that hour, replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and commit to reducing energy consumption in the year ahead. 2. Tell your friends about Earth Hour. Share this message with your friends and family to encourage them to join with you (and millions of others) in support of Earth Hour.
Thank you for switching your lights off and making a statement for the Earth.
Commit to be part and sign up http://www.earthhour.org/user/ocNs
Here's a link for more information: http://www.earthhour.../ .
  • Pic was taken by me at Rocky Mountain National Park (about 3hours from here)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Visitors from Canada

These days one will see Canadian geese just about everywhere. I love to see them fly in big pflogs above me and hearing the sounds they make. Wikipedia says: This well-known species is native to North America. It breeds in Canada and the northern United States in a variety of habitats. However, its nest is usually located in an elevated area near water, sometimes on a beaver lodge. Its eggs are laid in a shallow depression lined with plant material and down. The Great Lakes region maintains a very large population of Canada Geese. Like most geese, the Canada goose is naturally migratory with the wintering range being most of the United States. The calls overhead from large groups of Canada Geese flying in V-shaped formation signal the transitions into spring and autumn.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

in the dark

This picture has a cool story to it. I'd recommend to expand the pic to see the little guy in it better. Well, one evening I drove by this house which is in the next street where I live. I wanted to take a pic of that red lighted tree, cause it just looks fantastic in the night. Anyway, I was sitting in the car, ready to take my picture as my 20 month old son announces "Doggie!" from the backseat. And sure thing, all of the sudden there was a "dog" in my camera display. I put the camera aside and looked to the tree and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a fox! He seemed glued on the spot, but after a few seconds I saw what had gotten his attention. A tiny bunny...and sure thing the fox took off and chased that poor little bunny through the street! It was amazing to see, cause now I live aboout a 20 minute drive from the mountains, in a newer development. Behind my neighboorhood there is nothing but plains, and we are mostly surrounded by a wall. So I really was stunned seeing a fox at 7pm chasing a bunny in the street. But what a great pic it made, huh? :o)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

2 beauties in 1 picture

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in the back. We have a winter storm forecast for this night. winds of up to 40 miles and 3-6 inches of snow. Wohoo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Icy Lake

Prospect Lake at Memorial Park, with a snow toped Pikes Peak in the background. Hard to believe now that just 5 months ago I was taking a swim there. Brrr

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas, the 2nd!

Now for all of you who celebrate christmas this morning. I hope Santa brought lots of great presents for you!

Since it was Christmas Eve last night, I drove to a church just up the street to take a special picture. They have this nativity scene out there...build in front of this tower with the star on top. It looks so beautiful at night. But last night it was special of course, and the full moon gave it even more magic. Merry Christmas!

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